Server Migration (Scheduled)
  • Priority - High
  • Affecting Server - Sapphire
  • Hello,

    On the 28th of February, we have some scheduled maintenance where we will be migrating all websites and email hosting accounts on the Sapphire server to a new and improved server.

    This should cause no downtime for your websites however emails received on this day or files updated may not be migrated dependingĀ on the time stamp.

    Login to cPanel accounts will also be suspended.

    These new servers come jam-packed with new features which include but definitely not limited to more processing power which will help your website load faster.

  • Date - 28/02/2019 00:00 - 28/02/2019 23:59
  • Last Updated - 21/02/2019 19:58

Server Status

Below is a real-time overview of our servers where you can check if there's any known issues.

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